Our Interior Design Services

Brittany works with clients on both single room projects and designs for the whole house. Since each client and project are different, we can package our services together to fit your individual design needs. We offer both hourly and flat fee design rates based on the size and scope of each project. View our complete list of services below.

On-Site Consultation

After an initial phone consultation to assess your design needs, an on-site consultation is the next step in the design process. On-site consultations take place at your home or project site where Brittany can get to know you and your space. Your design dilemmas and problem areas will be discussed with Brittany as she offers you on the spot suggestions and solutions. You will be left with a written list of suggestions and resources specific to your project needs. For more involved projects this consultation is used as an intake meeting to provide us with all of the necessary information to kick off your project. If necessary, Brittany will also take photos and measurements of your space to be used throughout the design process.


Furniture Layout & Selection

We design furniture layouts to enhance the way you use your room. Size and placement of each furniture piece are based on details like: what you most often set on a side table, how often you entertain, where to store kids toys, etc. We can also guide you on what furniture items to keep and which to replace. For new purchases we use your style and budget as our guide and provide you with an edited list of options to complete your space.


Color & Paint

We don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed at the task of picking one paint color out of thousands. After getting a feel for your overall style direction Brittany will either recommend paint colors on the spot at your consultation, or provide you with a couple of options to be used as part of a full room design plan.


Architectural Enhancements

Even small architectural enhancements can make a huge difference in a space. We may recommend larger baseboards or window casings, wall treatments or shelving, ceiling beams, a new fireplace design, or, if your project calls for it, removing walls and opening up the space. After deciding on which architectural enhancements will be made, we will draft floor plans to be used by contractors for execution.


Flooring,Tile & Stone

Also called hard surface materials, we think of these as the foundation for the rest of the design. We create a cohesive foundation by considering all of the hard surface materials in your home and making sure they are harmonious and fit within your desired design style. We specify appropriate materials for flooring, counter tops and tile and provide drawings to be used by installers where more elaborate layouts or wall details are used. Each of our selections take into consideration style, budget, and required maintenance of the wood or stone. We only specify materials that will work with your family and hold up over time.


Window Coverings


How to properly cover windows is a common problem that stumps many home owners who usually aren’t aware of all of the different ways there are to properly cover windows. After we get to know how you will use the room and how much light and privacy you will need we can make a variety of stylish recommendations for window coverings that will not only give you more ease and function, but also add a lot of interest and style to your space.


Kitchen & Bath Design

Kitchen & bath design plans can range from a simple face-lift where we change out surfaces, hardware, and cabinet doors - to a full gut renovation where we improve the entire layout and update all materials selections. For more involved projects we will provide floor plan and elevation drawings to be used by cabinet shops and contractors for proper execution.


Art, Accessories & Styling


Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be impactful; we often use prints and affordable vintage finds. We help with sourcing art for your budget, proper placement in your room, the perfect gallery wall design, and beautiful framing.

Accessorizing is often done in a day where we bring a wide selection of items and try them out in your space. We also use your own accessories and help you edit any items that may be wrong for your style or too crowded for the space.


Renter Friendly Design


Having spent the majority of her Orange County life in rentals, Brittany is an expert on how to bring style and functionality to your space even if you don’t own it. She can provide great tips for reversible design ideas that are budget friendly and also guide you in making decisions for larger purchases that you can take with you to a more permanent space in the future.


Small Space Design


Brittany’s creativity and outside the box thinking can help with your apartment or small spaces to make them both stylish and functional. Brittany has first hand experience with small space living - the East Side Costa Mesa bungalow she shared with her husband and first daughter was just 600 sqft. The bungalow, along with Brittany’s expert space planning, storage, and style ideas for her small space were featured in the “Small Spaces” issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Read the full article online here.


Collaboration with Architects


For extensive remodels or ground up construction projects you may already be working with an architect or have an architect in mind. Oftentimes architects fall short when it comes to incorporating a proper furniture space plan, interior finishes and surface material selections when designing the walls and spaces in your home. We can collaborate with your architect to make sure that these important decisions aren’t being overlooked at the early stages of the design process. We will ensure that your home is cohesive and functional from the inside out.


Purchasing, Procurement & Installation


After we specify furnishings and materials you have the option to sign on for a truly full service interior design experience through our purchasing a procurement service. We handle all of the purchasing and follow up and scheduling of delivery. Once everything for your room has arrived at our warehouse we install it for you and get the room ready for the big reveal complete with accessories and fresh flowers! A huge benefit of this service is that we purchase the majority of our furnishings at an interior designer’s trade discount, so the cost of this service typically covers itself.


Construction Project Management


Project Management for construction items can be carried out by the client using the designs that we have provided, but you also have the option of giving us the reigns and we will oversee the execution of our designs to ensure that it is done with exactness. This includes job site visits and any other correspondence with contractors and other trades.